WTF! Pakistan won’t air Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 10

The Bigg Boss 10 is going to hit the television screens on 16th of October 2016. The show will have great fun and entertainment during the whole season. The Bigg Boss 10 promo was released where Salman Khan was seen while enjoying in the space. The show is an Indian based show however, it being watched in Pakistan as well.

In the previous seasons we have seen many Pakistanis were talking about the show. The show will be air on Colors Television that might have some international celebrities as well. Still many people of Pakistan are waiting for the show arrival.

Salman Khan's Bigg Boss 10

As we know the Pakistan and India situation is not positive on both political and armed sides. On the other hand the actors of Pakistan are also being deported from Indian people who don’t want to see any actor from Pakistan in their country.

That’s why this situation is affecting the international industry as well. Pakistani government is on the way to block Indian Channels in Pakistan as well as they have refused to release Indian films in the whole country. Even the cinemas’ organizations are not bearing such rude behaviors of Indian people for their actors and actress.

Due to this entire situation the industry’s actors are also being affected. That’s one of the major reasons that Bigg Boss won’t air in Pakistan. On the other hand Indian Motion Picture Producers Association is not allowing working in Bollywood of the neighbor country.

The reports also claimed Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority has reserved the rights to cancel the channel license without any prior notice if they will air any kind of Indian content. Before the banned happen the Pakistani channels were allowed to air at least 6% of Indian content on their channels.

The cable operator association is also protesting against to ban the Indian content on their cables. Now while seeing this strict policy by the cable operator, cinema associations and by the PEMRA we can’t expect that Pakistan will air Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss show.

However during this situation when Salman Khan was asked a question by a new TV reporter to know their views about the Pakistan actors to work in India. His reply was shocking for the Indian people as he said the actor is an actor they don’t have any link with terrorism. This statement by the famous actor and the host of Bigg Boss 10 is not accepted by any Indian person.

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