Naksh Aka Rohan Mehra has quit the Show for bigg boss 10

Bigg Boss 10 is set to launch by the mid of October 2016, there’s a large number people are talking about the contestants of the show on social media. As we know there were some rumors happening if possibly candidates of the show. Some of them like Kabir Bedi and Mia Khalifa have confirmed that they are not going to join the show and denies all of the news.

Rohan Mehra will join Bigg Boss 10

Just a few says ago actors like Mayur Verma have confirmed his participation in the show. Some other names also been disclosed for the joining of coming Bigg Boss. However the young actor from the drama serial ‘ye rishta kia kehlata hai’ is going to join the show even after announcing his discontinuation from the other show.

Yes, Rohan Mehra will be the part of Bigg Boss 10. The reports said Rohan is going to join the India’s most controversial show.

This was shocking news for the film journalists as well as for the fans of Rohan as the productions was not expecting such decision from him. He seems to be very interesting to join the Bigg Boss house for the next few months.

However, the reports are only from the film industry journalists and it is not yet confirmed from the Rohan’s side. The reports are also saying Kina Khan from the same drama serial ‘ye rishta kia kehlata hai’ supposedly had lots of tantrums on the circles, which have also develop a reason for Rohan to call it even. Another reason existence cited is the show’s emphasis which has now detached to the younger pair of Naira and Kartik and Rohan is perhaps missing out from all the attention.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai lately saw actor Karan Mehta, who frolicked its masculine lead Naitik, being substituted by Vishal Singh. Now, if these intelligences go out to be true, the show determination has additional new face real soon.

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