Bigg Boss 10 Meet the contestants of Salman Khan’s show

There’s only one week left to start the famous Indian reality televisions show, as the show is going to launch on October 16, 2016. Salman Khan is going to host the show again and show will be broadcasted on Colors TV. This is what most of the Bigg Boss fans are aware with. However, here’s something that you might don’t know or would be waiting dispiritedly to know it.


The most important question is who will be the contestant of Bigg Boss 10? This is one of the most asked questions about the coming season of controversial reality television show.

We have seen many major tweets from the celebrities of India as well as some outside celebrities. Kabir Bedi a famous Indian actor from Bollywood has confirmed that he is not going to join the show. On the other hand a famous adult movie star Mia Khalifa has also confirmed in her tweet that she is not going to step in to India.

However, the excitement of the Bigg Boss fans is on highest level to know who is going to join the Bigg Boss show. In the initial promote they introduced a young lady from Kashmir who claims to be the part of Bigg Boss show as well as gives a warning to other celebrities.

Bigg Boss is showing the real faces of different celebrities since 2006 and now we are in 2016. The show has opened the door for different celebrities for the 10th season of celebrities and commoners.

For sure we will be wondered to know the exact celebrities of the Bigg Boss 10 contestants as this time they have put a new flavor in the show. As the show organizers have allowed common people to be the part of show and spend the time with famous celebrities. This move has put a something extraordinary in the coming season.

Following are the celebrities names that are expected to join the Bigg Boss House:

  • like Bani J
  • Rohan Mehra
  • Karan Mehra
  • Nikita Dutta
  • Arjit Taneja

The reports said there will be six celeb contestants and eight commoners. Salman has himself supposed that this will be the most thought-provoking season for him to host assumed the attendance of common individuals.

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